Snorkel With The Manatees!
Cancellation and Rain Checks



We allow 24hrs for your cancellation:


After reserving your tour, you will have 24hrs to cancel without penalty. Please understand that we have many people that travel to us for this wonderful encounter and seats are limited.


If you cancel within 24hrs of booking, you will not be charged. If you make a reservation and cancel past the 24hrs, you will be charged, and given a rain-check that never expires. However last minute cancellations (within 24 Hours before your Tour) there is no refund or rain-check, unless we can sell your seats.


Keep in mind we will reserve your seats and hire the Captain and Guide, so there is no refunds past the 24 hours of your booking!



If we have reserved a seat or seats for you and your family, we expect you to be here.  If you "now show", you will be charged the full rate with no rain check. We book tours for people from all over the world, not showing up for a reserved tour is disrespectful to us and them, many others would be happy to have your seat.



We have a rain check policy that states: If we take you on a manatee tour and we do not see any manatees, we will give you a rain check, which allows to come back for free, based on availability.




After booking a tour, you are agreeing to accept our terms and policies of cancellations and no-shows.  Please note, we are not here to keep your hard earned money, but we do have guidelines to go by, so that all of our guests can enjoy this amazing opportunity to snorkel with the manatees.




If we do not see any manatees, or your tour gets "rained "out", you will be given a rain check that never expires. (This does not include the manatees behavior when we find them). The manatees decide on their level of activity.  

First, you will need to remember your tour date and time, we will make note of your rain check will be noted on your reservation.

Second, your rain check CANNOT be redeemed until 30 days after your original tour date. The reason for this policy is, because if the manatees decide not to visit us for a few days, then the same situation could happen again. We are here to share the manatees with you, and do not want you to go home disappointed.


Rain check are not valid on, or during holidays, such as the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, July 4th, or any 3 day holiday. Rain checks are non-transferable, must be original passengers-few acceptations may apply.


Thank you for supporting the Manatee program.

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