Is this for real, can I really swim with a manatee?

     Yes, this is a very real encounter with a wild animal in its natural habitat. Interacating with manatees is only allowed in Citrus County, Florida.

Am I going to see an alligator?

     More than likely, you will not see an alligator on the Homosassa River, or where you will be swimming.  Seeing alligators in our area is very rare, and the few times that we have seen them, they are small, scared of us, and will quickly swim away.  Alligators do not like the cool, flowing water of the river, or the activity from people.

What do I need to bring?

     In the summer months, you  will need a towel, swim suit, a shirt or cover-up, we provide reef safe sunscreen.

     In the winter months, you will need a towel, swim suit, warm clothing, we provide hot drinks and blankets.

Which is the best tour time?

     Whichever time you choose, is the best time.  Our tours times are for your convenience, and has nothing to do with the manatees "schedule".  Manatees do not have a schedule of any kind, and every tour is different.

Where is this amazing encounter?

     We are about 2 hours West of Orlando, and 1 hour North of Tampa, in Citrus County.  Specifically, we are located in Homosassa, Florida.

Can I just ride on the boat, and watch my kids and/or family?

     Absolutely, we would call you a "Bubble Watcher", and you are welcome to join.  We only take 6 people per boat, and all passengers, including Bubble Watchers, friends, grandparents, small children, or babies, and anyone else you want to bring, is considered a seat on the boat and is welcome to ride for the same price.

Can we take pictures?

     You are welcome to take pictures above and below the water, if the visibility allows.  Manatees do not mind having their photo taken, and there is plenty of wildlife to see as well.  We have disposable underwater cameras available, and underwater cases for your smartphones.

How cold is the water?

     The water in the Homosassa River, near the Springs is always 72-73 degrees Fahrenheit / and approximately 22.6 degrees Celsius.

How cold is the air temperature in the winter?

     Obviously, the temperature can vary, however, the temperature can be as low as 30 degrees Farenheit, up to 60 degrees Farenheit in the winter months.  Winter can start as early as October or as late as December, and can last into March or April.

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