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Swim with the manatees on our 3 hour Manatee Tour, which begins at 8:00 am. Each manatee tour lasts approximately 3-4 Hours. However, as your enjoyment is our goal, your time on the water may very well be extended to help ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience, especially the manatee. If you are staying at a hotel/motel in the area, you may want to request a late check-out.

You can expect to return between 11:30 and 12:30. Rates are $35 per person. Also available, for a nominal rental fee $10 per wet suit rental, and $10 per snorkel gear rental. You will also receive a 10% off coupon to Cravings Cantina, where you can enjoy an Authentic Cuban Sandwhich and more. Underwater, disposable cameras are available, as well as manatee souvenirs and gifts.


As our name suggests, we want our guests to feel as if they are enjoying our little piece of Florida paradise as a Native, not as a tourist. Therefore you may want to consider our Private Manatee Tour which lasts about 6 hours.  You will truly feel comfortable and no matter where you live, you will be a Florida Native, at least for the day!

Native Vacations, Inc., offers one of the most memorable and truly wonderful manatee tour experiences of a lifetime. Here is what you expect when you join us for a Manatee Tour:

Upon arrival, and after signing your paperwork, you may change into the gear you brought with you, or the gear provided. Then you will be shown a short video (filmed in cooperation with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service) which demonstrates how you must behave when interacting, and sharing the water with the manatees in their natural habitat.

Next, you and your Coast Guard Certified Captain will proceed to the dock area and board our comfortable pontoon boat to embark on your manatee tour.

While you are touring Kings Bay in search of manatees, Captain Traci will teach you about manatees and their habitat, and answer any questions you may have. After she has found some friendly manatees, she will drop anchor and everyone will quietly enter the water to properly interact with the manatees. You will be allowed to take pictures, swim with the manatees, and even touch these amazing creatures! (Touching is based on strict rules, which must be adhered to at all times)

Each Manatee Tour lasts approximately three hours, maybe longer depending on conditions. Your 3 hour Manatee Tour may not return until after 11:00 a.m., so if you are staying in a local hotel, you may want to request a late checkout time.

Manatee Tours begin at 8:00 a.m

Manatee Tours are available all year long, although many manatees leave the area in spring and summer. Kings Bay boasts a year round manatee population.

Manatee Tours are conducted throughout the year

Reservations are required

Call us toll free at 1-866-Go-Native

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